Lorena Wiebes finishes second in Amstel Gold Race after she cheered too early

Lorena Wiebes finishes second in Amstel Gold Race after she cheered too early

"My own stupid mistake"


In the Amstel Gold Race, Team SD Worx-Protime controlled in function of a sprint for Lorena Wiebes. She looked like she was going to make it too, but cheered too early after which Marianne Vos took the win with an ultimate jump. "This is such a stupid mistake. I didn't feel Marianne Vos coming and thought I had free lane. I will sleep badly from this."

Linked race Amstel Gold Race 2024 - Linked cyclists Lorena Wiebes - Gekoppelde ploegleiders: Anna van der Breggen Danny Stam

Lorena Wiebes: "I felt really good today. The team did a lot of work. In the last kilometer and a half Demi Vollering stopped all attacks perfectly to keep it all together for me. When I started my sprint, Elisa Longo-Borghini suddenly deviated to the left. There was almost no room left next to the fences, but I found a gap and dove in. My focus remained on Elisa Longo-Borghini so that's why I didn't look left. I didn't feel Marianne Vos coming either. That I miss out on the Amstel Gold Race in such a stupid way is very hard. But it's my own fault. I feel stupid. Because this is such a beautiful race to win and my teammates did perfect preparation work. I'm extremely bummed."

"This will make me sleep badly for two or three nights. This is a hard lesson. Fortunately, my teammates were there for me after the finish. Demi Vollering immediately said, 'this will make you even hungrier'. This is a race I would really like to have on my record. Hopefully I can take revenge next year," concluded Lorena Wiebes, for whom the Amstel Gold Race was the last race of the spring campaign.

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