Amy Pieters must deal with setbacks

Amy Pieters must deal with setbacks


It ‘s been quiet around Amy Pieters for a while and there are reasons for that. Her rehabilitation can sometimes go less good. This is mainly due to a number of setbacks that she had to deal with. Pieters has had several epileptic seizures in a short period of time that slowed down her recovery. 

As a result, she has suffered a relapse in her mobility and her motivation to recover is also somewhat difficult due to the adjusted medication. This is a difficult period for her, but also for everyone who works and interacts with her.

Pieters can now answer with a clear yes and no, but unfortunately it is not yet possible to really have a conversation in sentences. She mainly communicates with facial expressions. Now there will be waited until the medication to be adjusted in such a way that she regains the energy and motivation so that she can work on the next steps of her rehabilitation.

Pieters still prefers to get on her bicycle and go for a ride outside, rather than sitting on an indoorbike in the gym. The Amy Pieters foundation has purchased an adapted bicycle for her, as well as a system to warn in the event of an epileptic attack. This so that she can also do cycling as an exercise at home during the weekends.

Hope and motivation

Getting and keeping her motivated is very important right now. Her family says they should remain hopeful: “Hope and motivation that Amy will show us some nice results. After all, Amy remains our champion.” 

More information about the Amy Pieters foundation: 

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