Team SD Worx launches cycling apparel collection designed by Amy Pieters during Tour de France Femmes

Team SD Worx launches cycling apparel collection designed by Amy Pieters during Tour de France Femmes


Team SD Worx will ride the first stage of the Tour de France Femmes in Paris in a special shirt designed by Amy Pieters last year. In this way, the team shows that the cyclist, who is going through a long rehabilitation process due to a severe training accident, still is part of the team.

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"Before her accident Amy was already busy designing her own cycling apparel collection. It is an honor for us as a team to present these clothes during the first stage of the Tour de France Femmes in Paris. We are very grateful to the international cycling union UCI, the various national federations and Tour organizer ASO for making this possible," says Team SD Worx sports manager Danny Stam.

Amy Pieters had a serious fall during a training camp near Calpe in Spain at the end of December. After a life-saving emergency operation, the now 31 year old cyclist was in a coma for almost three months. Since then, she has been working on her rehabilitation in Dordrecht where she is making little progress. In the weekends she can now go home again. 

During the NK road cycling, where Pieters won the Dutch title in 2021, a crowdfunding campaign was set up for her so she can receive the best possible treatment.

Well before her accident, Pieters had started designing cycling jerseys herself. She wanted to start her own cycling apparel collection. Within her team and in her environment people already knew about these plans for a while. The A❤️Y logo, which has passed by several times in recent months, is the logo for this clothing line conceived by Amy. 

Her Team SD Worx seizes the opportunity at the first Tour de France Femmes to put Amy Pieters' cycling apparel collection in the spotlight. The riders of the Team SD Worx Tour team will proudly wear her design in the first stage in Paris, so that the general public can see her first ideas and designs of cycling clothing. 

In Specialized, Pieters has found the right partner to bring out the first designs of this cycling apparel collection As a cyclist herself, she rode for years with Specialized clothing and knows that this quality is what she was looking for. Together with Lisan, a designer at Specialized, she looked at how to further develop this line. 

Lisan: "In the summer of 2021 we started with the first design for Amy's dream, her own cycling apparel collection. Amy's vision was very strong from the beginning; to create a collection of high quality cycling apparel that stands out by using a nice balance of colors with just one element that stands out. This can be in color, but also in the design element that something attracts just a little more attention."

"With inspiration from her America holidaytrip last fall, the collection was quickly established by Amy, her clear ideas and trust in us. The designs had to radiate something 'nowadays' with a twist. It was clear to me which colors Amy liked and what colors Amy didn't like. It is very nice to work with someone who has such a clear idea and at the same time has so much confidence in us as designers. We chose colors that are not often found in women's cycling apparel collection. Amy also looked at trendy elements in everyday clothing that could be used in her cycling apparel collection. This is how the very first design came about; the Ocean collection."

The cycling apparel collection designed by Amy Pieters can be ordered directly via:

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