Documentary on first Tour de France Femmes for Team SD Worx

Documentary on first Tour de France Femmes for Team SD Worx


Women's cycling experienced another milestone last year with the first Tour de France Femmes. Never before had a race given women's cycling such a boost. The best cycling team in the UCI ranking, Team SD Worx, seized this first Tour de France Femmes to make a unique documentary. At training camps, at the riders' homes, during the recons of stages and throughout the lap, a camera crew was given complete freedom to follow the team 'behind the scenes'.

The first ride in the special jersey designed by Amy Pieters. The disappointments after the failed second stage. The division of roles between the two leaders for the classification. The joy of Marlen Reusser's win in the gravel stage. The pain of the many crashes. And Demi Vollering's hard fight for the win in the mountain classification and the second place in the overall classification. Triumph and tragedy were close together at Team SD Worx, a team always thinking about winning.

Demi Vollering managed to win the mountain classification and finished strongly in second in the overall classification. "The Tour de France Femmes was my highlight last year," Vollering says. "I was really looking forward to this race, especially as the last two stages through the Vosges Mountains were close to my home in Switzerland. From all angles, more attention was already coming to the Tour in the run-up, so you already felt how special it was going to be. Only afterwards did I realise how grand this was. It was special to be followed in this race by the documentary makers. It also took some getting used to at times, because yes during all moments there was now a camera on us. Yet this quickly became normal. I think it has become a very nice documentary, where you are taken behind the scenes and get to know us better as riders. But it also becomes clear how important a team around us is." 
Flemish production company Zebra63 has made a four-part documentary of Team SD Worx's first Tour de France Femmes. Each part lasts about 45 minutes and has its own emotions. From 15 March, the documentary can be seen on Amazon NL, while the series will be broadcast by Canvas from 17 April.

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