Sports manager Danny Stam looks for stage wins with Team SD Worx-Protime in the Giro d'Italia

Sports manager Danny Stam looks for stage wins with Team SD Worx-Protime in the Giro d'Italia

"We are going to race open"


Sunday starts with the Giro d'Italia Women, one of the oldest races on the women's calendar. Team SD Worx-Protime is primarily aiming for stage wins and is bringing the following team to the start: Lotte Kopecky, Blanka Vas, Femke Gerritse, Niamh Fisher-Black, Elena Cecchini, Barbara Guarischi and Chantal van den Broek-Blaak.

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"The Giro d'Italia is a beautiful race that has long been part of the calendar in women's cycling," world champion Lotte Kopecky enthuses. "My first win in the Giro was an important moment in my career. First and foremost, I want to come out of the Giro better than I started it. And not to get sick. By suffering in the eight race days, I hope to take the final step conditionally towards Paris 2024. It will be a kind of tough training block. I don't have ambitions for the final classification, but I do have intermediate goals. I would like to win a stage. That would be really nice." 

Sports manager Danny Stam: "Our focus is on stage wins, and Niamh Fisher-Black might be able to make a nice impact in the last tough mountain stages. Whether she can also ride a good classification remains to be seen. The opening time trial is a tough start to this Giro and doesn't really play into Niamh's hands. But in the final stages I expect her to be on the rendezvous. Our aim is to race freely. Each may go her own way for stage wins. That the Olympics follow the Giro might influence the course of the race. Some might ride a bit more reserved. But I expect a nice race, which should also suit Lotte Kopecky. In the first days she will find a course that suits her. A stage win in the Giro means a lot. From Team SD Worx-Protime you can expect open racing."

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