Mischa Bredewold and Femke Markus to Team SD Worx

Mischa Bredewold and Femke Markus to Team SD Worx

Four Parkhotel Valkenburg riders have already made the move to Team SD Worx


Team SD Worx has strengthened its ranks for the coming two seasons with the talented Dutch riders Mischa Bredewold and Femke Markus. The two riders follow Demi Vollering and Lorena Wiebes, who previously rode for Parkhotel Valkenburg and made the switch to Team SD Worx.

Sports manager Danny Stam has had close contact with sport director Raymond Rol of Parkhotel Valkenburg for years. Stam: "Parkhotel Valkenburg offers young girls a sophisticated program where they can develop well. We have close contact with Rol about the steps these mostly young girls take. When they are ready to take a step up, Rol informs us. The past has shown that these riders can then take the next important step with us. 

Raymond Rol confirms this positive development. "The fact that four of 'our' riders are already with Team SD Worx has created a good contact. The cooperation with Team SD Worx makes our team even more attractive to good juniors and promising riders. They realise that Parkhotel Valkenburg offers a good opportunity to become part of one of the world's best teams in the UCI rankings. For many riders, it is a dream to one day race in the Team SD Worx colours. In addition to our training and balanced programme, this possible step through is an extra incentive for young talents to choose our team first", Rol emphasises. 

Coming winter, Mischa Bredewold (22 years old) and Femke Markus (25 years old) will make the switch from Parkhotel Valkenburg to Team SD Worx. Both riders will sign a two year contract (2023-2024). "In one or two years, we will have a new generation in the Netherlands that will set the tone. Mischa Bredewold can be part of that new generation," says Stam. "She has made good steps in recent years and I think she can continue that progression in our team.”

Stam is also convinced that Femke Markus will be able to make the necessary steps in the Team SD Worx colours. She was initially brought in as a serious reinforcement for the second line within the team. "But Femke certainly has the potential to grow further within the team", Stam is convinced. 

Mischa Bredewold, who hopes to develop mainly in the hilly areas and on the longer climbs, emphasizes that the first conversation with Danny Stam and sport director Anna van der Breggen immediately felt good and familiar. "After that conversation, in which both expressed confidence in me, it was a logical step for me to choose Team SD Worx," says Bredewold. "I hope to develop in such a way that I belong to the best Dutch riders in the coming years. I know that Team SD Worx will give me the opportunity and the confidence to do so. I also think it is a privilege to ride with this collective and to be part of this super team. If there is a team where I can see how to win races, it's at Team SD Worx." 

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