Lotte Kopecky and Lorena Wiebes ensure another 1-2 in Nokere Koerse

Lotte Kopecky and Lorena Wiebes ensure another 1-2 in Nokere Koerse

"Special to win two years in a row"


Lotte Kopecky and Lorena Wiebes went on a repeat at Nokere Koerse. The world champion went in the same place where she made the difference last year and again this year she unloaded her fellow breakaway riders there. For the second year in a row, she arrived solo on Nokereberg. Behind Kopecky, Lorena Wiebes was the fastest in the sprint for second place." "We wanted to make it a hard race. This race suits me. I wanted to win here again. I am happy that it worked out," said Lotte Kopecky.

Linked race Danilith Nokere Koerse 2024 - Linked cyclists Lotte Kopecky Lorena Wiebes - Gekoppelde ploegleiders: Danny Stam

Kopecky: "Nokere Koerse has a nice course that lends itself to making the race hard. We were keen to make this race our own again. That worked out well. At 70 kilometres from the finish, I placed my first acceleration. I hoped a number of riders would slide along, but I got away alone. From the following car I got the signal: choose what you want to do with it, but (laughs) I am not Pogaçar. I waited to see if some riders would still join up. When that didn't happen, it turned out to be a futile action."

"We had planned beforehand to put an acceleration on the Lange Ast. Lorena Wiebes slid along nicely. Then, on the cobbled stretch, the wind was at an angle, which gave you a man-to-man situation. The perfect moment to make the difference. The scenario is a bit identical to last year. It's nice to finish one and two again."

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