PREVIEW: Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

PREVIEW: Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

"The first test, but we are ready"


With the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, Team SD Worx officially kicks off its new cycling season. The course has been redesigned, with the riders doing the same last 55 kilometres as the men. That does not change anything about the ambitions: Team SD Worx is looking for a second consecutive victory. Anna van der Breggen - who won last year's opening race - will accompany her teammates in the team car. 

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"A first race is always exciting, but the training camps have taught me that our girls are really ready and eager," Anna van der Breggen stressed. "There are quite a few new riders, which makes it even more special. That also applies to me. During the training sessions I could get used to my new role. It feels old and familiar, except that I no longer have to cycle. Where I used to have to focus on my own performance, it is now my job to help all our riders. That is a nice feeling. Moreover, it is an added value that I also think like a rider. During the Omloop, Lars Boom and I will try to give our team the confidence to take the race to their own hands. When will I be satisfied? When we leave with a good feeling."

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad is Lotte Kopecky's first race for Team SD Worx. "My main goal is the Tour of Flanders, but if I can win the Omloop, I won't miss out on that opportunity."

"There is so much know-how in this team, I am looking forward to the tactical game that is possible with this team. That also means that I will sometimes have to stop when a teammate is in front, but cycling is a team sport. As long as Team SD Worx shoots the main bullet in the Omloop, I will be satisfied. I am looking forward to finding out where I am on Saturday. My feeling is already good", concludes Lotte. 

The main prize will be awarded after nine hills in the Flemish Ardennes and five cobbled sections. "Winning is obviously a possibility, but not a must. I especially want us to start the season again with a level that makes the competition think: Well, here they are again," said sports manager Danny Stam.

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