Protime becomes co-sponsor of Team SD Worx

Protime becomes co-sponsor of Team SD Worx

Sponsorship of women's cycling team gives extra boost to Protime's European growth and ensures continuity of Team SD Worx


Protime will be the new co-sponsor of Team SD Worx. On 23 July, at the start of the Tour de France Femmes, the logo of the market leader in time registration and workforce management, among other things, will appear on the jerseys of the world's best women's cycling team for the first time. Both the front and back of the jersey will feature Protime, under the logo of parent company SD Worx.

2023 is a great year for Team SD Worx. The Dutch World team wins race after race and is the undisputed number one in women's cycling this season. This offers Protime the opportunity to generate a lot of visibility in the markets where it is and will be active."Today, Protime is already the reference in the field of time registration in Belgium and the Netherlands, but we also want to become the reference in all European countries where our parent company SD Worx is active. Starting with the UK, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. The focus on women's cycling will only increase in the future. Our logo and brand will enter millions of living rooms through this sponsorship, giving an extra boost to our brand awareness and international growth," says Gille Sebrechts, CEO of Protime.

Supporting its international growth is not the only reason why Protime decided to co-sponsor a women's cycling team.

"There are many similarities between (women's) cycling and our cultural values of 'camaraderie', 'growth' and 'working together'. For instance, cycling is above all a team sport. You need top talents, but you only cross the line as a winner when the whole team works together. Let's win this race together," says Gille Sebrechts.

Team SD Worx is delighted to welcome Protime as its new co-sponsor. "From the very beginning, our team has been one of the pioneers in women's cycling, where we grew to be the number one. The sport made leaps in professionalisation in recent years thanks to the support of sponsors like SD Worx. The arrival of Protime as a new co-sponsor guarantees continuity and allows Team SD Worx to pursue its goal to remain the world's number one in the coming years. In the Tour de France Femmes we are also going for the very highest and we want to take home the yellow jersey," says team manager Erwin Janssen.


About Protime

Founded in 1995, Protime is the market leader in time registration, workforce scheduling, access control and online collaboration. Thanks to a continuous focus on innovation, the company today delivers Workforce Management solutions across a wide range of customers and industries. For example, Protime has over 5,000 time registration installations in Europe, at more than 4,200 customers across Europe. Protime was awarded to be Great Place to Work 10 years in a row and has the ambition to continue to be the best employer for all its employees. The organisation has around 400 'Protimers'.

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