Sports director Lars Boom sees Blanka Vas victorious in kermiscross in Ardooie

Sports director Lars Boom sees Blanka Vas victorious in kermiscross in Ardooie

"Important step taken"


Blanka Kata Vas won the kermiscross of Ardooie. The Hungarian champion separated herself from Shirin Van Anrooij after just one lap, then wisely arranged the cross and then rushed to the finish alone. "I realised pretty quickly that Blanka was the strongest in the race, but then you have to finish it. This is an important signal that she is really good," said team manager and former cyclocross world champion Lars Boom. 

The Kermiscross in Ardooie was right up Blanka Vas's alley. The rain had made the course heavy and boggy and already in the first lap she was riding in the lead together with Shirin Van Anrooij. The Hungarian champion of Team SD Worx soon seemed to have the best legs, then she sealed the race with a cutting acceleration. Sport director Lars Boom: "Blanka simply rode a very good race. Shirin took the lead on the first lap and the two of them got away immediately, but you could see right away that Blanka was better. She handled it very wisely by recuperating in the middle of the race, then she went full on. The absolute top of the field may not yet be competing in Ardooie, but this is a serious indication that her progression is really going in the right direction and that she is really good. I see a lot of drive to get better."

Boom had noticed that his poulain was fine. "Because of your own experience in cyclocross, you can quickly see from a rider's body language how they are doing and whether they have something left or not," he said. When Blanka attacked, Shirin was immediately at five seconds. Van Anrooij, however, is a go-getter who keeps on charging. Then, as Blanka, you have to be convinced that you can unload the others and so you have to keep going."

According to Boom, Vas has become a lot stronger in the past year. "She has made steps mentally. She is less upset. Besides, she has a whole road season in her legs and she is a year older. Anna van der Breggen has made training sessions for her to make her bike better, obviously she is reaping the benefits of that in a 50-minute cross as well."

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