Mischa Bredewold sprints to 3rd place in Tour de Romandie

Mischa Bredewold sprints to 3rd place in Tour de Romandie

“Special to get a lead-out by such a strong team”


The 23-year-old Dutch rider was beaten  by Sofia Bertizzolo and Karina Schrempf, but third place is a continuation of the strong evolution the youngster is making. "Bummer that I could not finish it off, but I am very happy with the steps I am making," she said.

Linked race Tour de Romandie - Linked cyclists Mischa Bredewold - Gekoppelde ploegleiders: Danny Stam

Mischa Bredewold after her third place in the first stage of Tour de Romandie: "It was quite a boring stage because there was almost no racing. I myself noticed that the heat and the succession of races made my heart rate quite high. I just missed out on the climb, but was able to rejoin after. My legs felt good though, so I prepared for the sprint. It was special to get a lead-out from such a strong team. It was a new experience for me, but I had a lot of confidence in the girls. Of course I'm disappointed that I couldn't finish it off, but not every good lead-out automatically leads to a win. I maybe started sprinting a bit too early. Making mistakes is part of the learning process."

Bredewold made great strides in her evolution in 2023. "I'm super happy with that. I was just talking about it with Marlen Reusser on Thursday. That I can really race along already and could also finish it a few times, is unexpected. I hadn't dared dream this at the start of the season. It shows that I am in the right place at Team SD Worx. It makes me extra hungry to keep growing. Tomorrow will be about dropping the others off at the foot of the climb. These kinds of climbs are still too tough for me," Bredewold said.

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