Update Amy Pieters

Update Amy Pieters

Situation Amy Pieters still unchanged


Rider Amy Pieters is still being treated at a Dutch hospital after a fall during a training session in Spain right before Christmas several weeks ago. The Pieters family has received many questions about her condition, but for now they can report little change and they see the situation as uncertain. The cyclist is breathing independently, but is currently still unconscious.

Neurosurgeon and neurotrauma consultant Professor Wilco Peul said the following about Pieters' status: “Amy has a very serious brain injury. The first life-saving operation during an acute and critical artificial coma phase in the Intensive Care Unit was successful considering the circumstances. Recovery is slow in these cases. We are now one month after the trauma and she has just moved from the Intensive Care Unit to an inpatient ward. Every patient with very severe brain injury goes through a long period of uncertainty, during which recovery operations can lead to changes in consciousness.”

“We are currently seeing some improvement in her consciousness, but she is not awake and we can't predict what the future holds for her. When her physical health is stable, she will leave hospital to undergo a lengthy period of rehabilitation. Experiences from other people with severe brain injury have taught us that this is an emotionally challenging time for Amy and her family.” 

The thoughts of all of us at Team SD Worx are with Amy and her family.

This situation is for Amy and her family an emotionally difficult and uncertain period. The family would like to thank everyone for their support.

Within Team SD Worx, our deepest sympathies go out to Amy and her family.

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