Dolmans Landscaping Group

Dolmans Landscaping Group

Dolmans Landscaping Group

Dolmans is the other founding sponsor of this highly successful team. Boels-Dolmans was the first women's team to shoot to the top. This was partly thanks to the unfailing support of Dolmans Landscaping Group. Managing Director Erwin Janssen plays a key role in this. Even after SD Worx had become the main sponsor, Janssen has continued to develop our world-class team on a daily basis as the general manager.

Cycling is all about people giving their very best in a beautiful outdoor environment. That is exactly what Dolmans Landscaping Group works on every day. Our organisation pays a great deal of attention to talent development. The main sponsorship of the Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team from 2011 to 2020 was part of that. Dolmans Landscaping Group has been sponsoring Team SD Worx, the successor to the Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team, since 2021. Dolmans Landscaping Group also shares the same talent development values as the new team and also encourages its people to give the best of themselves every day.

At Dolmans Landscaping Group everything revolves around passion, craftsmanship and striving for the very best result. Dolmans is passionate about landscapes and shapes green spaces with passion. You can see that in their team of more than 1.000 employees every day.

Dolmans Landscaping Group is an all-round multidisciplinary landscaping company that designs, constructs and maintains green spaces and related civil engineering projects. The business units operate in different divisions and each have their own area of expertise. This ensures that we always work together to achieve the best possible result for companies, governments, institutions, sports clubs and individuals.

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