Elena Cecchini

Elena Cecchini

Elena Cecchini has been competing for Team SD Worx-Protime since 2021 and she will also defend the colours of the Dutch WorldTeam in 2024. "At my age, I know exactly what I want. At Team SD Worx-Protime, I found the joy in cycling again. I've only been here for three years, but it feels like I've been riding here all my life. I found in the staff and the riders the perfect group to work with."

Elena Cecchini is considered one of the road captains within Team SD Worx-Protime. She played an important role in a large part of the team’s 64 wins in 2023. "Elena is invaluable to our team," enthuses sports manager, Danny Stam. "She always puts in mountains of work and takes responsibility very early. Moreover, she is very versatile, you can deploy her everywhere. Our riders realise that without a type like Elena it will be difficult to win races. Elena is someone you really wish you could ride a good result yourself. Maybe that will be possible in Trofeo Alfredo Binda, a race close to her heart." 

"I am already working towards hopefully being able to cheer myself one day in 2024," adds Cecchini. "But after so many years in the pro peloton, I am also realistic. In this team I am often in the situation that deep in the final I have another teammate with me who is stronger. So then I reason: if I can't win myself, it must be one of my teammates. So then mentally I quickly switch to the helper role. For me, cycling is a team sport. If someone from Team SD Worx-Protime wins, then we all win. That also gives me so much joy. I will never forget the feeling when Demi Vollering won the Flèche Wallonne. Next year I want to take an extra step to hopefully win a race myself. You win races not only with your legs, but also with tactics. However, I will never lose my helper's mentality. I am very much appreciated by my teammates for what I do for them. That gives me a lot of satisfaction."

"In 2024, the Olympics will be a driving force," Cecchini continued. "I want to be part of the Italian selection and for that I have to achieve good results myself. Every year you have to prove yourself again. You can't rely on previous statistics. The same goes for the team. 2023 was our best year ever, but that doesn't count now. All counters go back to zero. It is up to us to show the same hunger again in this new season."

Elena Cecchini

Date of birth25/05/1992
Length1.68 m
Prof since2011
Favorite courseTrofeo Binda
In the team since2021

Elena is a role model rider. She has developed into a true race captain and plays an indispensable role in our team. Hopefully she will make the connection with the absolute top this year.

Danny Stam
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